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Contact Lens Care, Caring For Your Contacts

Caring for your contact lenses is more about caring for your eyes – the better you take care of your contacts and follow lens wear instructions, the less the risk you will have for eye problems or infections.

How Do I Care For Lenses?
Your eye care professional and their staff will advise you how best to care for your lenses. Most soft contact lenses require cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting with every removal. Today’s multipurpose solutions achieve all of those steps with one solution. Some multipurpose solutions are “no rub” solutions; soaking lenses in the solution cleans and disinfects at the same time. Other solutions require manually rubbing and rinsing to clean the lenses. In addition, comfort drops can increase eye comfort while lenses are being worn. Daily disposable soft lenses require no care because you simply discard them and start with a fresh, new pair every day. Daily disposables offer the ultimate in convenience and safety.
Is care different for oxygen permeable contact lenses?
Oxygen permeable contact lenses also require cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting with every removal. These lenses require different care solutions from soft lenses, and conditioning solutions can be used to enhance comfort.
Why is lens care so important?
Good lens care compliance is vital! Your eyes, as well as your contact lenses and case, can be hospitable environments for bacteria and fungus to thrive in. For this reason, you must be a responsible contact lens wearer and develop good and safe care habits.  Never stray from the procedures that your eye care professional and their trained staff demonstrate for you. Never take shortcuts — always be compliant!
How do I learn how to insert, remove and care for my contact lenses?
Your eye care professional and their staff will supply you with thorough instructions in wear and care so that you will be confident when you leave their office with your new contact lenses. As part of your comprehensive eye exam and fitting, you will receive a demonstration of lens insertion and removal and complete lens care. You also will likely receive a starter kit that includes a lens case and all the solutions and instructions you will need. A follow-up office visit — just to be sure that you are doing well — is advisable.
Can I use makeup with contact lenses?
Yes, you may use makeup such as eyeliner and eye shadow with contact lenses — provided you are careful not to get the cosmetics in your eye, under your eyelids or on your contact lenses. It’s a good idea to insert your contact lenses before you put on makeup, so that your fingers don’t transfer oils and fats from cosmetics to the lens surface. Cosmetics often harbor bacteria, which can then be introduced into the contact lens and eye. Remember: Never share makeup and never swap contact lenses!
What if my eyes become red or irritated?
Any eye redness or irritation should be taken seriously and should be checked out by your eye care professional. The first step is to remove your contact lenses and clean, rinse and disinfect them. Put them in their case and put on eyeglasses. Every contact lens wearer should keep a backup pair of eyeglasses so you’re not “pushing” your wear time when your eyes hurt. If, after you have removed your contacts you are still experience symptoms, you should call your local Doctors Vision Center now part of MyEyeDr. office immediately.

Call Your Doctor When If You Notice These Symptoms

  • Either eye is painful
  • Your eye is red (but not painful) and remains red for more than a day
  • You have discharge from your eye
  • You have blurred vision that lasts more than a day

Contact your local North Carolina Doctors Vision Center now part of MyEyeDr. for any contact lens questions.